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  • Intern Staff- Taylor Whitely, Supervised by Hope Brown, MA, LPC-S

    Taylor is a current Master’s student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Capella University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development from California State University San Marcos. Taylor likes to take a strength based, client centered approach, incorporating Gestalt and experiential techniques. These techniques emphasize client personal responsibility, awareness of moment to moment experiences, experiencing and expressing feelings, and personal growth versus problem solving. She focuses on fostering a safe and genuinely supportive therapeutic relationship grounded in warmth, trust, and mutual respect. Taylor recognizes that each person’s experiences and barriers are unique and therefore strives to explore different interventions and resources to assist in successful therapeutic outcomes. She values collaborative goal setting and providing homework to allow clients the opportunity to implement skills learned in sessions into their daily lives to improve everyday functioning, long term well being, and resilience. Taylor enjoys working with individuals of any age, and is especially passionate about working with first responders.