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  • Reflections on Growth

    Growth. It’s kind of a weird word. It could mean something really great is happening in your life, or it could be really bad news. I’m super glad to report the connotation that I had in mind while writing this (my very first blog!), is more in keeping with the online dictionary definition of “the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually”. The definition of “a tumor or other abnormal formation” does not sound like good news for anyone! However, even the positive version of growth can still be painful.

    I can still remember when I’d wake up with shin pain as a little child and it was referred to as “growing pains”. I don’t know how medically accurate this information was, but it eased my young mind that there was a reason for the discomfort I was experiencing, and good things would come from it.  Once I had this explanation, each new occasion of pain somehow made sense and seemed more bearable because of my understanding of the situation.

    My adult self has planned growth for 2019 involving professional goals I have set as I try to grow my counseling practice. This means I’m doing things that are stretching me into a place of discomfort as I take on things I have never done before and I have no idea whether I’ll be competent at them. Bleh. It’s even uncomfortable to write that sentence! This blog is one of those things. I’m learning about marketing, business management and navigating social media. What in the world?!? I feel safe with books and one-on-one interactions…and yet, how else do I continue to grow unless I put myself in situations and environments that make me do things differently?

    I can only imagine at some point I’ll look back on this blog and think of all the ways it could have been better. My hope is that my future self will know these things. My current self is doing the best this version of me can right now. Here’s the thing, if I don’t put myself out into these uncharted waters, my future self will never be able to critique the me of today because no change, no growth will have occurred. Back in my childhood days of “growing pains”, I would still have physically grown regardless if my shins hurt or not, but I remember having thoughts about the idea of growing up that only happened because my pain brought it to the forefront of my mind. Maybe today we can all be reminded that many experiences of growth involve pain, and maybe we can take our pain and use it for growth! But that’s another topic for another blog 😃